Government assistance available for employers

Did you know that the government has incentives for employing people? Currently, an employer can be eligible for up to $10,000 over 12 months for employing someone (even on a part-time basis).

We are also specialists in disability employment. A successful community is one which incorporates all members of the public inclusively. For us, we have experience in creating roles for people who live with a disability that are win-win for the employee and the employer. There is also a broad array of services sponsored by the government that makes is very attractive to employ someone from the Disability Employment Services program.

Government assistance available for students

The VET-FEE Help scheme is available to students who want to study now and pay later. What this means is, you can enroll and complete your qualification without having to outlay funds upfront. Rather, you can commence study and pay the fees back once you earn.

VET FEE HELP is available to assist eligible students studying higher level vocational education and training (VET) qualifications to pay their tuition fees.

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