Our quality of service and ability to find staff that fit with your business and needs is unparalleled. When you choose Incentive Employment, you will develop a long-term relationship meaning we will continue to have a presence growing your new employee.But why Incentive Employment? There are 5 good reasons:

1.We Are About People

Incentive Employment takes pride in helping job seekers become valued and confident employees for employers. We will support your new staff through a variety of means, especially during the first 6 months of employment. We can help you access government funding for upskilling and training, but beyond this we will be passionate about mentoring employees to culture appealing employment values.

2.Responsiveness and Communication

We will always be prompt in being there to help you and address your needs. This is part of our premium service, commitment to transperancy, and separates us from the others.

3.No Hard Sells

Incentive Employment is about serving your business and developing relationships. We will never do the “hard sell” approach, giving you back the confidence and autonomy you deserve – It’s your business!

4.A Premium Service… With No Cost to Employers

Finding new staff via engaging Incentive Employment will take a lot of time out of the recruitment process. Sounds cliché, but we will shortlist and find appropriate staff, organize interviews, ensure job seekers are prepared for their first day, and culture in them the attitude you want in your staff. We really will make this easy which ultimately gives you back more time.

5.Loyalty and Respect

Two of our most natural values. We know that finding staff and issues with employment can be stressful. We will make sure that everyone is treated fairly and respectfully while staying loyal to the cause.

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