At Incentive Employment we believe in the value of an inclusive community and workforce. That’s why we are specialists in disability employment.

We believe a successful community is one which incorporates all members inclusively. We have experience in creating roles for people who live with a disability that offer win–win outcomes for employee and employer.

What is the Supported Wage System (SWS)?

The Supported Wage System (SWS) is designed to assist employees with a disability and their employers.

People with a disability may not be able to perform work with the same level of productivity as other employees. The SWS sets up special equitable workplace arrangements so that you may hire a person with a disability and pay them based on their performance.

SWS assessments

A qualified person assesses the employee with a disability to determine how productive they are on a regular work day while they are performing their usual tasks. This is done at a time that is convenient to all parties – employer, employee and Incentive Employment.

The assessment takes into account:

  • the job description
  • time spent on tasks
  • hours and days worked, including breaks
  • level of supervision.

The assessor then puts into place any workplace modifications that may be required for the person with a disability to do their job at their best.

Eligible employees

To be eligible for an SWS subsidy, the disabled worker must:

  • be eligible by citizenship or visa to work in Australia
  • be at least 15 year old
  • not have any outstanding worker’s compensation claim against you as the employer
  • meet the criteria for the Disability Support Pension, as confirmed by Centrelink.

What is required of employers

As a disability services provider, Incentive Employment takes care of the process for you.

We are able to source a pool of suitable potential candidates and complete and submit your application for the SWS. We will also do the work of confirming that all eligibility criteria have been met by you and the employee, and record the approval once the application is complete and your new staff member has been hired with special arrangements.

Minimum requirements of you as the employer are that the job you are offering must be covered by industrial or legislative provisions for SWS and be for a minimum of eight hours per week. A trial period and trial wage will apply and be reviewed after an agreed period.

We are here to help

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