Our point of difference

For Employers

We are not an employment agency. We are not a fee-for-service recruitment firm. In fact we bring money in to your business through employment subsidies. Our large network of agencies also means we can find you the right staff member by finding employees out of a big candidate pool. We have no out of pocket fees as we take a fee drawn from the government. The idea behind employment subsidies paid from the government to employers is to give you a reason to hire CAPABLE people that are unemployed. Our recruitment service conducts thorough and multi-layered screening so that we can both have confidence the right person is matched to your role. Why do we care? Our biggest fee comes at 26 weeks of employment, meaning we have a vested interest in ensuring that person works out. It’s Win-Win!

For Employment Agencies

We will provide you with placements from employers that you are not already working with, topping up your star ratings while receiving another revenue stream. We run alongside your current activities to place jobseekers – we are complimentary. We are only paid on results, which means that you are not out-of-pocket. The only time you are paying an invoice is after you have received revenue from a placement or outcome. Our service also assists with Post Placement Support, meaning there is another layer of safety to ensure clients are staying in jobs – it’s win-win!

Our placement and retention service saves on average each employer 17% and 90% on wage costs in the first 13 weeks.

Our goal is to find you long-term employees and reduce your employment cost through making use of employment subsidies.

Our business is privately owned and we understand the needs of employers/small business.