Incentive Employment abides by 13 Australian Privacy Principles, from Schedule 1 of the Privacy Amendment (Enhancing Privacy Protection) Act 2012, which amends the Privacy Act 1988. This includes business dealings with job seekers, employers, and employment service providers.


Incentive Employment collects information as part of delivering our products and services. This is at the consent of the job seeker, employer, and employment service provider. This could include your name, address, email address, phone number, ABN (if applicable), remuneration, information on job duties and scope, and job seeker employment history.


The information we collect about you is purely for operational use to deliver the services that have been requested by you. If you are an employer seeking staff, information about your business will be passed on to employment service providers where job seekers have been sourced from as potential candidates/employees at your business. Information would include your business name, ABN, position title, job details such as performance and hours, remuneration rate, contact name and address. With employer’s and job seekers permission, if a job seeker is placed in to employment, information is sought on their performance, their hours worked each fortnight, and any issues that may impact the success or failure of that employment. This is a contractual obligation under the Employment Services Deed 2012-2015. In simple terms, it is the employment service provider’s (Job Services Australia and Disability Employment Services) responsibility to track employment to ensure conditions meet Australian Federal legal requirements (including adherence to legal parameters as required by Fair Work Australia). Further, employment tracking is undertaken to ensure job seekers/employees are earning substantially enough to be independent from Centrelink financial assistance. This is a contractual requirement under operational guidelines of the Employment Services Deed 2012-2015. As a third party, Incentive Employment may be asked on behalf of the employment service provider to assist with such information gathering.


There are a number of methods by which we may seek information from you, or validate the information we have. Examples would include when you fill out a form with us, when you’ve phoned, visited our website or requested a service. Reference checks of employees will be conducted from time to time with the permission of the job seeker.


Information will be kept only for as long as required by law, or to deliver our services. Some information is required to be kept  in accordance with record-keeping laws under QLD and Australian federal law.


We will give you access to your personal information as required by law unless in some cases where we are legally obligated not to which include

We’re not always required to give you access to your personal information. Some of the situations where we don’t have to give you access include when:

–        There is a threat to community or personal safety

–        The request is not clear

–        It would prejudice negotiations with you

–        It would be unlawful

–        It would compromise taking legal action against you for serious misconduct

–        It would obstruct law enforcement action

–        It would compromise Incentive Employment business dealings and trade secrets


Please contact us if you believe your personal information needs to be updated or if you have a complaint. You can contact us via phone on 3161 0181 or email[email protected]


You may wish to ask questions or contact whilst being anonymous or use a pseudonymity. We may not be able to answer your question or interact with you if it is impractical or if we are authorised by law to deal with you personally.