Gain Access to Valuable government wage subsidies


 Save up to 100% on wages with employee subsidies

 Earn $3000 to $30,000 in government wage subsidies for new team members hired through Incentive Employment & Education.

What we do:

We offer a FREE service to employers that takes all the hassle – and risk – out of recruitment.
We source, screen, interview and shortlist local staff from multiple agencies, giving you the benefit of high numbers of quality candidates.

The benefits to you:

The government offers incentives for employers of up to $30,000 for employing staff Full Time and 75% of this for Part Time
Save time (let us do the recruiting for you) and money (up to 100% of wages over a certain period) and gain real value from hiring quality new team members and keeping them long-term.

How we do it:

Our service to you is free because our fees are drawn from the government.
We conduct thorough, multilayered, and prompt screening of large numbers of local candidates to ensure a perfect fit to your business.
Our biggest fees come from 26 weeks of employment, meaning our interests are aligned with yours and the candidates. It’s win-win!

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