How is Incentive Employment different to a Recruitment agency or Employment Service Provider?

Incentive Employment is NOT a recruitment agency. We do not charge any fee to employers whereas a recruitment company will cost on average a fee of 20% of a yearly wage. Incentive Employment sources the best candidate for the job and is not tied down to one caseload of jobseekers. So, if your business is looking for someone experienced in manufacturing shower curtain rings, we will find them by approaching all the providers in your area! This also gives you assurance that we are not just putting forward a candidate for the sake of placing them.

My business gets a handful of people handing in their resumes every day – so why would I need assistance?

There is no doubt that the job market is competitive and job seekers coming in to your business may be of good quality. However, it can be a risk taking on someone you know absolutely nothing about. Having an Incentive Employment consultant working as a third party will ensure you know a lot more about potential staff. Added to this, you will get six months worth of support for you and your new employee with regards to employment matters to help develop that employee in to their new role – this includes possible financial assistance with further training and development. Finally, consider the wage cost saving you will make when making the most of training/wage subsidy. For example, if you put on 4 staff through Incentive in a financial year, at an average wage subsidy of $4000, that is a saving for your business of $16,000.

Do I have to pay Incentive Employment for their service or if they help me access Government funded Wage incentives?

The answer is no. There is absolutely no cost. Incentive Employment is paid through the employment service provider through a sub-contract arrangement. We will not take a cut of your wage subsidy, like some other employment brokers doing similar work. We will simply look after the negotiation of the wage subsidy to ensure it is what your business is entitled to. We will look after all the paper work and take the hassle out of the set up so you simply know the facts. Our philosophy is that your business deserves some financial assistance to offset the cost of recruiting such as training and support – this is win-win for employers and job seekers. Incentive Employment seeks to develop a long-term relationship with your business and to provide a sustainable no-cost service to help solidify this.

Do I have to allocate a lot of time to providing hours and filling out paperwork across the 26 weeks?

You may have to send payslips of the employee we have placed with you. From time-to-time we may also ask you to sign a document. We estimate in total the amount of time you will spend on paperwork or sourcing payslips is about 30 mins across the 26 week cycle.


I’ve been working with Josh from Incentive Employment for two years.

He is a genuine, friendly and professional operator who has made the process of recruiting new staff simple and hassle free on many occasions.
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Paul Earley
Operations Manager of What’s Hot Discount Stores